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Cyprus. Bekir Pasha Aqueduct on banknote 1 Pound 1961 Read more

Cyprus. Skouriotissa Copper Mine on banknote 250 Mils 1974 Read more

Cyprus. Cedar valley on banknote 500 Mils 1979 Read more

Cyprus. Lefkaritiko on banknote 5 Pounds 1969 Read more

Cyprus. Neo Paphos, Paphos, house of Dionysus mosaic on banknote 1 Pound 1982. Read more

Cyprus. Theatrical mask, Cyprus archeological museum, in Nicosia on banknote 5 Pounds 1979 Read more

Cyprus. Germasogeia Dam on banknote 500 Mils 1982 Read more

Cyprus. Village Kato Drys on banknote 1 Pound 1998 Read more

Cyprus. The church in honor of Saints Barnabas and Hilarion and Turkish mosque on banknote 5 Pounds 2001 Read more

Cyprus. Aphrodites Rock on banknote 20 Pounds 2001 Read more


14 November 2020

I added 3 banknotes, which I mentioned yesterday.

There is a request about El Salvador. If anyone knows - to whom belongs the signature on the reverse of the banknote, please share.

Until mow I could not find - who exactly signed on the reverse.

13 November 2020

Good afternoon! Bank of Ulster Northern Ireland 20 Pounds Sterling 2020 banknote is added today.

Also, today I received 3 banknotes in the mail - El Salvador, Western Samoa and Cyprus. They will be added to the site in 1-2 days.

I expecting in mail, although, 1 Isle of Man note and 1 Norwegian note.

3 November 2020

Good morning!

The 20 Pounds Sterling 2020 UK (Bank of England) banknote was added yesterday.

Further will be added:

1 banknote of Greatbritain (Northern Ireland)

1 banknote of Cyprus

1 banknote of British Ceylon

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